Light Up a Life Project

In 2010, Light Up a Life Project was founded with the mission to assist overlooked schools and desperate orphanages in remote areas of Africa. Many of these villages cannot be found on a map, but are stumbled upon by seasonal travelers, backpackers and photographers. Whether it be exploring the famed mountain gorillas of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda or soaking up the serene beauty along the shores of Lake Malawi, extreme poverty and the need for survival tugs at one's conscience. Innocent children have become vulnerable and most have lost their parents to HIV/Aids or abandonment. The goal of Light Up a Life Project is to provide resources to these communities that will enhance education, provide nutrition, improve self esteem, teach life skills, and as a result give hope for a better future. 100% of all contributions goes directly to achieving these goals.

Photograph to the left portrays children tending to their vegetable garden as part of the horticultural education and self sustaining skills at Bwindi orphanage and school in Uganda.