About Us

Founder and Executive Director:

  • Carol Kirshon


  • Steve Cairns

Board Members:

  • Robin Beiermeister
  • Teresa Eaton
  • Joanie Hare M.D.
  • Brian Kirshon M.D.
  • Djakaridja Sanogo
  • Neil Suchart
  • Samantha Kirshon
  • Julia Katzman
  • Saul Hirschmann
  • Alex Lee


  • Tugumisirize Frances
  • Joyce Nott


Light Up a Life Project loves supporting the Bwindi Wototo School and Orphanage in Kisoro, Uganda where we have successfully achieved our goals with many fruitful projects.

In 2010, Carol Kirshon, founded Light Up a Life Project with the mission to provide basic educational necessities and life skills to vulnerable children in impoverished, remote areas of Africa. A native South African, she travels the world capturing the true essence and spirit of humanity through her photography. Carol's burning love and passion for Africa has always been a motivation in what often is a continent of extreme contrasts. Survival is its biggest challenge. LUALP attempts to recognize these overlooked communities, some of which cannot be found on a map. Together with a group of international supporters, the organization shares a common goal of guiding these communities in expansion and productivity, so they can be self reliant and raise income to support their needs.

Light Up a Life Project is dedicated to improving the lives of vulnerable children through education as well as health care initiative.

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