Our Projects

Light Up a Life Project (LUALP) designs each project based on personal experience with project recipients, the reliability of local contacts, and the ability to meet the project goal.

Once a project goal is successfully met, the next project is chosen.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to one or more Light Up a Life Project efforts. Your generous donations make these projects possible and have an immeasurable impact on the lives of these vulnerable children and their communities.

Spring 2019

Light Up A Life Project branched southwards to the country of Tanzania and donated funds to a wonderful organization called ‘Neema International’. This committed group of individuals work diligently with the youth of Tanzania who reside at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. Our donation of funds was applied to the purchase of learning materials for the new school year starting in January. Every few years, Light Up A Life Project will support a fellow African organization who has proven to do impressive work to better the lives of children through the gift of education and life skill training.

Summer 2018

Light Up A Life Project is delighted to announce the start of a sheep rearing project at Sunbeam Orphanage in Uganda. Through our Xmas holiday fundraiser, we were able to build a business model involving livestock that will bring in adequate funds to support the Sunbeam community. As the food chain is the only source of survival in Africa, we have begun this exciting new endeavor. Sheep rearing is one of the most promising enterprises in the Uganda livestock sector. This is because sheep multiply fast, are not so vulnerable to diseases, easy to manage and relatively calm animals.

Click here to see photos of our fantastic Sunbeam Director, Frances, with our new sheep as well as the previously constructed fish pond in the background.

Lualp proud! One successful project at a time!


Light Up A Life Project has devoted this 24 month period to maintaining all previous projects and refurbishing the fish pond to continue producing fish for income as well as food for the orphanage. Our brick making project continues to be productive and Sunbeam continues to house children. The importance of donor contribution is imperative in order to self sustain and Lualp is working diligently to keep donations flowing. The relationship with Sunbeam is closely managed and we are proud of the alliance that has been well estsablished. The long time union is transparent, closely monitored and mutually respected, thus creating projects that prove to be effective. We continue to raise funds through the sale of crafts and other generous donations. Sponsorship of children is a priority.

September 2015

Construction of a shed was completed as an addition to the brick making project. The rainy season halts production. We are now able to work all year round producing bricks for expansion of housing and earnings.

Click here for photos of the brick making business at Sunbeam Orphanage in Kisoro, Uganda.

Summer 2014

We are pleased to announce the completion of a 14,000 gallon water tank at the Sunbeam Orphanage in Kisoro, Uganda. The water tank will provide life saving storage for the community and will greatly enhance hygiene, hydration, and serve as a reservoir in times of drought. A method for collecting rainwater along the gutters was also implemented. This new project was made possible by the fundraising efforts of a local girl scout troop in Houston, Texas.

Click here to see photos of the water project in the making at Sunbeam Orphanage

October 2013

Let there be light! LUALP is proud to announce the fruition of this fall 2013 project. Solar panels have been successfully installed at Sunbeam Orphanage in Uganda and life on this mountain village is brighter. With electricity, the orphanage is now able to provide light which is an enormous benefit, especially at night when keeping the children safe. Shaving their heads which has major health benefits can now be performed in a single afternoon. Connection to the outside world with the use of Internet and radio now keeps this village more informed and less isolated. Other benefits include heating in the cold winter months and the ability for teachers and students to read/work after dark. This promotes education and intellectual stimulation. Thanks to the holiday sales of crafts made by the community in Uganda and sent over to LUALP, we raised the funds needed to have these panels successfully installed.

Click here to view photos of the Solar Panels installed at Sunbeam Orphanage

February 2013

A fish farm was constructed at Sunbeam Orphanage in Kisoro, Uganda. Funds were raised by selling an assortment of crafts made by the Sunbeam community. The breeding of fish will provide income and food for the children and adults of the community. Skills in fish farming and maintenance will be obtained thus providing crucial lessons in responsibility and productivity.

Click here for photos of the Fish Farm at Sunbeam School/Orphanage


Photo depicts the fish pond's early stages of construction.

December 2012

For a second year running, a local Houston Girl Scout troop diligently worked hard to build a business model to sell beaded necklaces made by the community of Bwindi in Uganda. The sales of necklaces raised enough funds to purchase desks for the Bwindi Wototo School. The many desks will allow students to sit comfortably thus enhance learning instead of sitting on the floor and/or their knees as seen in the attached photos. A total of a hundred and sixty desks were constructed, with LUALP providing a third of them.

Click here for photos of the desks constructed for Bwindi Wototo School

March 2012

In February 2012, LUALP funded a brick making business at Sunbeam Orphanage in Kisoro, Uganda. The making of bricks will not only generate income for the school/orphanage but also allow them to produce bricks for their own construction. Here, bricks will be made without the need for water. This is a very significant part of the project. Land was purchased and a building with classrooms and housing is under way. LUALP is proud to have been responsible in initiating this purchase and ultimate expansion which will provide shelter and learning to so many vulnerable children in that district.

Click here for photos of the brick making business at Sunbeam Orphanage in Kisoro, Uganda.

Letter from Director at Sunbeam


Photo depicts freshly made bricks without using water. These bricks will be used to build classrooms and dormitories for Sunbeam School and Orphanage in Kisoro, Uganda.

Skype Program between God Cares Orphanage in Uganda and Private Schools in Houston, TX

This incredible 21st Century audio-visual-digital communication program was launched in May of 2011. First initiated and created by Adam McKim, founder of Chat to the Future, children at God Cares Orphanage in Uganda meet students who attend private middle schools in Houston, TX. The program is supervised by the orphanage's director, Tugume Gerald, the private school faculty and Light Up a Life Project founders. A designated time is arranged, typically 8:30 A.M. in Houston, which is 4:30 P.M. in Uganda. The sessions last approximately 45 minutes and children from opposite ends of the spectrum, in more ways than one, introduce themselves, ask questions and become Skype-Pal friends. The orphanage always performs traditional sing/dance performances and share their innate talent for music and dance with the American students. The mutual benefits of this program serves as a wondrous education and gives insight into how the opposite extremes live. The children meet every couple of weeks and look forward to the sessions. Drawings and notes of thanks are exchanged through the postal service across the miles. Light Up a Life Project recently purchased a laptop computer for God Cares Orphanage in order to permit this magical program. As there is no electricity at the orphanage, a generator is used to run the sessions. The program is innovative, exciting and binds children of diverse backgrounds in a way that is profound. Light Up a Life Project is grateful to Adam McKim for approving the initiation of the Skype program in the USA.

Click here for photos of the children at God Cares Orphanage participating in the Skype program with children at a private middle school in Houston, TX.

February 2012

LUALP is happy to announce a first time project in the country of Mali. School supplies were purchased and generously funded by ZECO, at a remote village outside the capital city of Bamako. Here school children received books, pens, pencils and necessary school supplies to enhance learning and productivity. The supplies were purchased in Bamako and transported to the village. The children were excited to do arithmetic and writing using their new books and this helped teachers be more efficient in their daily instruction. Educating the children with problem solving and language skills that could be written and reviewed provoked thought and enhanced the ability to understand, memorize and work in groups.

Click here to view photos of the school supply project at Nagalabantiebougou village outside Bamako, Mali


Photo depicts a classroom with teacher and students after receiving school supplies in a village outside Bamako in Mali.

January 2012

In December of 2011, as part of a Christmas/New Year Shoe Giving Project funded by ZECO, LUALP arranged for dozens and dozens of new pairs of shoes to be gifted to the children in need at Bwindi Wototo School/Orphanage in Uganda. This was a first pair for many and the children were elated. The shoes were purchased in Kampala in bulk and transported to the school/orphanage in Bwindi.

Click here to view photos of the Christmas Shoe Giving Project.


Photo depicts children at Bwindi Orphanage receiving shoes for the first time.

November 2011

The Ugandan Government shut down a school/orphanage due to the lack of a sufficient latrine. The children were at risk for a cholera outbreak. With funds raised by selling necklaces that the children at the orphanage/school in Uganda created, LUALP was able to construct a six stall pit latrine. The children were able to return back to school once the government had it approved. Thanks to the Girl Scout troop who successfully developed a business model to sell the necklaces in several fundraisers. The children at the orphanage understood that their OWN productivity in working to make the necklaces was the direct result of the income raised to provide the necessity of a latrine. LUALP strives to educate these vulnerable children in conjunction with the goals they achieve.

Click here to view photos of the construction of a pit latrine at God Cares Orphanage in Uganda

June 2011

Light Up a Life Project directed an influential group of educators from Hamilton, Canada with enormous fundraising power to the Sunbeam Orphanage in Kisoro, Uganda. Land has been purchased and classrooms/dormitories are in the process of being built. This incredible endeavor, together with the Brick Making Project, has given Sunbeam unbelievable hope and momentum. At this time, Sunbeam Orphanage is making great strides with the strong support and direction from Light Up a Life Project, their future is extremely hopeful.

Click here to see photos of the land that was purchased under the direction and influence of Light Up a Life Project.

Click here to learn more about the Sunbeam Project.

UPDATE ALERT: LUALP is proud to announce that the story of Sunbeam in the tiny Ugandan Village of Kisoro is moving mountains. Two years after one man with the vision and an enormous heart, Tugumisirize Frances, established a school that consisted of nothing but a blackboard nailed to a tree. Today we have buildings consisting of dormitories and classrooms, gardens and a fish farm, children in uniform and the teaching of survival skills that bring hope for a brighter tomorrow. The community as a whole benefits from these advances as we work to preserve cultural traditions and improve quality of life. The success of this endeavor is credited to the cohesiveness of an international group working together for a common goal. We have only just begun!

May 2011

Light Up a Life Project collected over the counter first aid items and pediatric medications such as pain/fever reducers, band-aids, ointments for cuts, scrapes and burns, and other medical supplies. The items were sent to a children's home called Home of Hope Tableview in Cape Town, South Africa and received in time for the winter season, when colds and flu are prevalent.

February 2011

Vegetable Garden at Bwindi Wototo School and Orphanage - Uganda

Click Here to view more images of the garden

The Bwindi Wototo School and Orphanage is home to over 270 children, ranging in age from newborn to eighteen. The children eat beans virtually every day because they are inexpensive and nutritious. However, most lack the basic nutrients required for normal growth and development.

LUALP rented the land at the bottom of the hill adjacent to the orphanage and created a desperately needed vegetable garden. The children are learning how to plant seeds and grow vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, corn etc. Essential nutrients that are lacking in their diet will now be provided. In addition, lifelong horticulture/farming skills are being taught so that the children can learn how to survive off of the land. Practical skills are now being gained by having the ability to sell produce to the locals and receive an additional source of income for the orphanage. Strengthened immune systems benefit women living in the community with HIV/Aids.

The vegetable garden is called The Light Up a Life Project Vegetable Garden at Bwindi.

Goal - Raise funds to clear the land and plant a garden that will include produce high in minerals and vitamins such as cabbage and spinach. Items such as wheel barrows, hoes, rakes, boots, manure, seeds etc. are being purchased. An itemized invoice with receipts has been provided and verified by LUALP.

October 2010

Light Up a Life Project raised $2600 for more than 200 textbooks, maps and dictionaries as requested by the Monkey Bay High School headmaster in support of the Malawian curriculum. These learning resources were purchased and delivered to the Monkey Bay High School in Malawi in October 2010, filling the once empty library (photo to the right) and bare classroom. Upon opening the boxes, the school performed a ceremonial song and dance of gratitude. The headmaster then read a letter to the students that was written by LUALP encouraging them to stay in school, work hard and follow their dreams.

Click here to view more pictures of the delivery of books to the Monkey Bay High School

Five sets of teams in three countries were responsible for making this project a great success! Special thanks to:

  • Luke and Bettina Evans, managers or Pumulani Lodge in Monkey Bay, Malawi for being the frontline communicators between the school and LUALP and for representing LUALP and taking pictures at the book presentation ceremony.
  • Ton and Margaux de Rooy, owners of Pumulani Lodge in Monkey Bay www.robinpopesafaris.net, Malawi for being another key liaison between LUALP and the school, for finding a reliable book supplier, and for transporting the books free of charge to the school.
  • Frank Johnson of Central Africana Limited in Cape Town and founding member of the South African Book Dealers Association for collecting the required textbooks, maps and dictionaries and shipping them to the Monkey Bay High School.
  • Light Up a Life Project volunteers in the United States:
    • Kinkaid School in Houston, Texas for approving the 11th grade "Four Fridays in October" LUALP fundraiser, headed by Samantha Kirshon.
    • Aaron Webster and the employees of tasti D lite www.tastidlite.com in Houston, Texas for providing discounted catering for Kinkaid School's "Four Fridays in October" LUALP fundraiser.
    • Nikki and Jennie Taer, Andrea Goldreich Designs, Mika Kol, and Beckie Rodriguez from Houston Perinatal Associates in Houston, Texas for selling yellow silicone "Light Up a Life" bracelets to raise funds for the project.

August 2010

Light Up a Life Project collected hundreds of books. The books were picked up by naval officers at Project Handclasp and placed on the USS Whidbey. Upon arrival, the books will be distributed in Cameroon and Senegal.

Special thanks to Julie Shapiro who initiated the collection, Nicole Samida, Bill Julius and Chris Stokes at Mission Hills Mail Station (www.missionhillsmailstation.com) in San Diego for getting the books on board the USS Whidbey.